Ensō Education Institute Establishes Six Base Camps

Learning doesn’t take place only in schools, and schooling doesn’t take place only in classrooms. In Kairos participants learn by going outside the classroom to learn in Nature; the Built Environment; Media, like Film and Video; Imagined Places like outer space, a colony on Mars or a city under the seas; simulated environments like zoos, museums and theme parks; and Virtual Worlds.

Ensō Education Institute has created 6 Base Camps, each in different environments, and are developing more to eventually have 15-20 Base Camps around the World with hundreds of Out Posts. Participants are invited to work with one or more of the Base Camps and create their own local Out Post so that there is an interconnected global network of Base Camps and Out Posts across the Planet.


Base Camp North Woods helps participants learn from the wisdom of nature and include the natural environment in education wherever we can find it, even if it is just a city park or a garden.

Base Camp North Woods will host an outdoor adventure the second week in August each year in Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. Instructors like Pat Kohlin and Bob Kovar are skilled environmentalists and outdoor guides who, over the coming years, will take participants on camping, canoeing, kayaking and skiing adventures in Northern Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Their motto is “The Real Classroom is Outside…Get into it!”


Kairos projects can also take place in built environments like cities.  Over half the population 

now lives in cities. Cities are the cradle of civilization and culture, transmitting human achievement from generation to generation. 

Ensō is establishing its first international Base Camp in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and will be hosting an event in January 2022, during the World Expo, where over 190 countries will be gathering to showcase the best features of global civilization.

This event was originally planned for this year but the pandemic caused the postponement of the World Expo.


Enso is establishing a Media Base Camp in Hollywood, California. We learn a great deal through MEDIA. Movies and video can take us places we might not be able to otherwise experience because they are in the past or the future, too far away, too small or too large, or too dangerous. 

Enso will be hosting annual events around Mediated learning in Los Angeles in cooperation with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.


Ensō is opening a Base Camp in our Imaginations that will meet on Zoom with Out Posts in imagined places like Space colonies on Mars, or cities under the Ocean. Those with ideas for a future that does not yet exist can join Base Camp Imagination on Zoom in March. Watch for the announcement soon.


Much learning takes place in simulated environments like museums, zoos, and theme parks. 

Ensō has established a Base Camp for spatial narratives in Orlando, Florida. Enso Education Institute was created out of a planning session held in Orlando where former Walt Disney Imagineer Brian Collins took us for a guided tour of the new attraction, “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” just after it had opened. 

Brian will be hosting annual events each November at Disney World in Base Camp Orlando.


Another environment is VIRTUAL REALITY. Virtual Reality will become one of the most prominent environments for learning in the future. Ensō is building a Base Camp in the Virtual World that will steadily grow in years to come. Ensō’s Virtual World consultant, Steve Lewis, and others are helping Ensō develop Base Camp VR in Virtual Reality. 

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