Our current educational system is perpetuating a growing opportunity gap. Specifically, by teaching to standardized tests rather than seeking ways to inspire our students’ passions, we are further disadvantaging those students whose families or communities do not have the resources to counteract the damage being done in the classroom.  IContinue Reading

We are delighted to have Ray Eddy as a featured presenter at the “Education = Storytelling” at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, November 15-16, 2019. Ray will be presenting on theme parks as education, including project-based learning focused on creating theme parks and events, continuous learning through project design, and howContinue Reading

Registration for the fall Kairos Pathfinder Series will open soon. The Pathfinder Series is a 16-week certification course for potential Gamemasters and Guardians. Participants meet virtually once a week for 90 minutes with group discussions and workgroup meetings in between sessions. Ensō Education Institute invites you to experience the world’sContinue Reading